DEADSTOOLPIGEON discography triple LP out now!

All pre-orders of the DeadStoolPigeon - Hit The Bastards Where It Hurts. 1995 - 1997 3xLP has been sent out. You can still order the red vinyl through our webstore but we are running out of the red one pretty soon. This release contains all their studio recordings  from "This World", "Strike Anthem" and "Statue" plus two additional cover versions. First orders come with a special surprise. You can order the record by clicking here. Listen to Retribute by clicking here.

FACTOTUM one sided 12" in the works!

FACTOTUM is playing extreme hardcore powerviolence which is much in the vein of Crossed Out. The band recorded 4 songs and a cover version which was supposed to come out as a demo. Factotum decided to record some additional songs to release it on a one-sided 12“ on Crucial Response. You can listen to Suicide, a raw & unmixed version, by clicking here. For more infos stay tuned.

TEAM SPIRIT - O.C. Life 7" out now

In 1997 TEAM SPIRIT did their first recording at Påsans Punk Palace in Oslo, a small studio where a bunch of Oslo punk bands (as well as Tiebreak and Sportswear) also recorded. The music is still youthful but the songs are more distinct, unique and surprisingly catchy. The songs were released on a demo cassette titled O.C. Life. Crucial Response is proud to release those songs unmastered raw as they were recorded back in the days on a 7“EP. You can order the 7“ on light blue or yellow vinyl by clicking here. Listen to the title track by clicking here. Enjoy!

 7INCH BOOTS 12" in the works

CRUCIAL RESPONSE RECORDS is going to release a 12" by 7INCH BOOTS which will contain their Walkin' Through demo and the Tamped Concrete 7" on a 12". Their is no schedule for this release yet as we are still looking for flyers and live photos. Any help appreciated, we will mention the photo credit on the record. If you can help us out, send an email by clicking here. 7INCH BOOTS was a relatively shortlived band, they managed to play some shows and were notorious for their humor which reflects in the drawings by Morten Gass, their guitar player. The lyrics however hit some serious topics reflecting the scene back then. The music is a mix of hardcore with some "Bollermosh", a synonym created by the band. More news soon, stay tuned.

TIEBREAK Stand Hard Shirt in the works

We are in the progress in printing a bunch of TIEBREAK shirts. TIEBREAK were a band from Norway, and  along with SPORTSWEAR, RECITFY and INSURANCE RISK they left their mark on the norvegian hardcore scene. You can pre-order the shirts by clicking here.

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