Commitment Crew

Country Sweden
Commitment Crew
Country: Sweden

The idea of Commitment Crew came about in the summer of 2004, but it didn't materialize until the next year. At that time the members where three: Jakob on drums, Simon on bass and Kalle on guitar and vocals. The band recorded the 2005 demo City to City on a four channel cassette porta in their rehearsal space. Since Kalle couldn't sing and play at the same time a guitar player, Jocke, was recruited and CC played their first show in Oslo. It was not a pleasant sight to behold, I can tell you that much. One of Simons bass strings broke in the second or third song and the set was kind of bad all around. The food was good though, or so I heard.

It didn't work out with Jocke and he was replaced with Jonte, the silent, never complaining and very capable guitarist, who stayed with the band until its end. When the line up felt somewhat stable CC took a few songs from the demo and a couple of new ones and recorded their first seven inch, Hisingen. The recording went smooth with the exception that a guitar was accidentally beheaded during a take. Hisingen E.P. was released in 2007 on Crucial Response Records, which the band had gotten in contact with through the Norwegian band Enforcer.

When the record was released and CC had played the Crucial Response Showcase shows in Belgium and the Netherlands Jakob told the band. The remaining members started to look for a new drummer, which they found in Rickard.
Back with a complete line-up CC made a trip down through Europe playing a couple of shows together with Balance. It showed to be good practice since it was time to write and rehearse songs for what was to become the What Are You? record, which was finally released on Crucial Response in 2009.
By this point the band was getting tired of itself but it still had energy for one last spurt. CC recorded their two final records over a weekend in 2010. An EP titled Rock Against Cretins, and a single called Commitment Cruisers where released on the 26th of March 2011, which was incidentally CC's last show.

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