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After Lärm ended, some of these guys went on to form ManLiftingBanner. Before ManLiftingBanner there was Profound, one of the first European bands that followed in the slipstream of the ’87/’88 straight edge revival. Profound started in 1988 as a 5 piece with Jos on 2nd guitar, so basically all the Lärm guys minus their singer plus Michiel and Burt. With that line-up we recorded the ‘Dutch Wolfpack’ demo. Jos left to concentrate on work/ studies and Seein Red and as a 4 piece we recorded an EP for Anti-Schelski (now Crucial Response Records). Then Big joined us in 1989 and we changed the name to ManLiftingBanner to accentuate our political leanings and to move away from the apolitical sxe mainstream. As a side project we recorded a Colt Turkey EP, a Project X gone communist type of thing. In 1990 we recorded our first EP, ‘Myth of Freedom’ on Crucial Response Records followed by a 10” in 1992, ‘Ten Inches That Shook the World’. In 1993 we did a split CD with Burn51 from Canada, with a couple of live songs, called ‘The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated’ which was released on Red Wax. Red Wax was our own label which also released the Feeding The Fire 7inch. In 1994 Crucial Response Records released a discography on CD and we called its quits. Big went vocal with Mainstrike among other things, Burt had a short affair with Human Alert. In 1994 Burt and Michiel started Deadstoolpigeon and Paul and Olav to this day rock on in Seein Red with Jos. We did a reunion in 1999 and now once more to be able to hang out with John Brannon and Co and worship Negative Approach and rock out with the veteran youngbloods of Vitamin X.

March 2011 Peter of Crucial Response Records approached us to do a vinyl discography. The whole line-up got together to practice new songs and in september 2011 we recorded 8 new tracks, due out on the new double album in early 2012.

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